Blog – Why Micro-Foam Milk Maker (MFMM)

In the past 55 years, the coffee-bar industry operated on the idea that the customer should be grateful for what she or he gets, without asking questions.
In the past 15 years, the quality of cappuccino/latte at coffee bars has declined due to fewer employed professional baristas.
Only a few coffee fans insisted on investing much of their time creating reasonable results at home.
People interested in controlling their sugar intake in their cappuccino/lattes had a hard time with the drinks’ bitter or lack of taste, whether it’s at the coffee bar or at home.
The Micro-Foam Milk Maker (MFMM) changes the present “rules” by introducing computerized electromechanical equipment, working with sensors to prepare sweet, pure natural micro-foam milk (cow or goat) or even soy drinks. The MFMM uses a whipping-while-heating process, using a specific sequence. People who once added 1-2 teaspoons of sugar to their cappuccino/lattes will no longer need to add any. People who once added 3-4 teaspoons of sugar will only need to add one teaspoon. From now on, drinkers can enjoy the natural taste of the coffee grounds because they won’t need to add sugar that changes the drink’s taste. Finally, a customer can ask the coffee-bar barista to prepare the cappuccino with her or his preferred coffee beans. This need for less sugar means diabetics could enjoy a cup of cappuccino/latte as well.
Using soy instead of cow’s milk is also possible because the specific taste and smell disappear during the milk’s preparation.
Goat’s milk, with its special taste and smell, is transformed into delicious micro-foam milk, providing a special, delicious taste in your cappuccino.
Have you ever drunk delicious cocoa prepared with cocoa powder and pure milk only? It is now possible using the MFMM.
Hot chocolate without any added sweetener is now possible through MFMM technology, using a few drops of soy or cow/goat’s milk as a sweetener per chocolate cube. Adding natural sweeteners such as date honey or even whiskey will result in chocolate that probably cannot be purchased. All above chocolates can be prepared at any coffee bar or at home using the MFMM, without any added preservatives or other chemicals.

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