Tairob invented a process to sweeten natural or plant’s milk without sweeteners
MFMM for people who like chocolate without sugar or added reduced natural sweeteners such as honey dates
MFMM for diabetic people to reduce sugar or other sweeteners consumption
MFMM for kids & parents who love sweet hot cocoa without sugar


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Tairob aims to establish a new standard methodology for micro-foam milk-making for coffee bars and homes that would retain a sweet taste while containing less sugar.
Tairob Ltd. invented the Micro Foam Milk Maker (MFMM) to naturally sweeten and prepare the uniformly dense micro-foam milk (sourced cow or goat’s milk or soy milk). New beverages, such as cappuccino, hot chocolate or new soy drinks, all naturally sweetened are now available.


One MFMM at $1300 can save a coffee bar owner $22,700 in one year (10h/day) and the biggest headache of the barista issue.


Tairob Industrial Technology Ltd., Haifa, Israel