Tairob invented the MFMM - a new standard methodology for micro-foam milk-making, to naturally sweeten and create the uniformly dense micro-foam milk (sourced cow, goat or plant’s milk). Cappuccino, hot chocolate, ice-cream , cakes, creams and chocolates all naturally sweetened.

Micro-foamed soy or almond or other plant milk mixed with cocoa solids and cocoa butter form a new type of chocolate (approximately 95% cocoa). A drop of honey date andor whiskey could be added followed by an incredible taste. The micro-foamed plant milk sweetens cakes made of natural ingredients without sugar or artificial sweeteners (227 calories per 100 gram) Cappuccino, sweet without any sweeteners made of micro-foamed (by the MFMM) cow, goat milk or plant’s milk such as Soy, Almonds or Oat Milk. Hot Cocoa, sweet without sweeteners made of micro-foamed (by the MFMM) Soy or Oat or Almond milk and ½ tea spoon of cocoa. We created ice-cream made of micro-foamed plant milk without cow milk andor whipped-milk; it contains a significantly reduced amount of fat and eggs. We created recently a new ice-cream that doesn’t contain eggs or eggs powder!
Tairob Ltd. identified the need of high automation required to improve the quality of products while reducing manufacturing costs in the hospitality and food Industries. We target productivity, quality & sustainability. Micro-computing, control engineering, machine learning algorithms, sensors, molecular manipulation and more than 10Y were recruited to challenge the uncertainty in milk behavior.
Micro-Foaming Process
Hot Cocoa & Soy-Tea
Inspection Industry
Cakes and Creams
Tairob is looking for collaboration with strategic partners and potential investors to commercialize our invention. Please feel free to contact for specific info.