The future of milk products will be plant based with AI processing.
An Opportunity of $200 Billion Market.
We developed Equipment to prepare sweet micro-foam milk for creating beverages and food.
The MFMM creates micro-foamed milk to be included in beverages, cakes, ice-creams and chocolate using only natural and real ingredients, free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives.

We use only natural ingredients when we create new beverages, cakes, and ice-creams using the MFMM to micro-foam the milk

Today, people want to know what they are putting in their bodies and prefer to control the ingredients, whenever possible, they do not want to sacrifice flavor.   Additionally, there is a movement toward all-natural, less synthetic or processed foods.

Tairob Ltd. has identified the need for a high level of automation in order to improve the quality of products while reducing manufacturing costs in the hospitality and food Industries. We target productivity, quality and sustainability.   Micro-computing, control engineering, machine learning algorithms, sensors, molecular manipulation and more than 10Y were involved to challenge the uncertainty in milk behavior.

Micro-Foaming Process
Hot Cocoa & Soy-Tea
Inspection Industry
Cakes and Creams
Tairob is seeking collaboration with strategic partners and prospective investors to commercialize the MFMM, the micro-foam milk processor.  Please feel free to contact us for specific information.