Investment Opportunity
Own the Path to Wealth – become a pioneer in a the new Food & Hospitality Industry by investing in our inventions:

  • You’ll invest directly into R&D and Engineering activity that spurs economic growth
  • It will help you control (if you’re interested in) your sugar intake and significantly increase joy
  • You’ll love your food’s natural ingredients instead of “manufactured food”
  • You’ll enjoy new Ice Creams without eggs and without unnecessary extra fats: a technology breakthrough to prevent microbiological contamination
  • You’ll contribute in nationally savings of significant amounts of energy (commercial coffee machine works 24/7 3.5KW to 7KW vs MFMM operated to prepare micro-foamed milk only 600W to 1000W)
  • Ice-creams, cakes and more new products will open new markets for our invention.
  • It will help you achieve a greater income as a coffee bar owner
  • You’ll enjoy sitting with your quests while the MFMM prepares the micro-foam milk automatically
  • Our cakes of 227 calories per 100 grams without sugars will make you happy.

The Vision

Strategic partnership with leading businesses and organizations will enhance time to market of our products. This company believes that its new technology will fundamentally change various large and growing market applications since a clear gap exists between Tairob’s technology and existing micro-foam milk makers. The company’s technology will become the standard in Coffee Hospitality.

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