Investment Opportunity
Join us on the path to wealth – become a pioneer in a new Food & Hospitality Industry by investing in our inventions:

You’ll invest directly in R&D and Engineering activity that spurs economic growth

  • It will help you control (if you’re interested ) your sugar intake and (significantly increase joy)
  • You’ll love your food’s natural ingredients instead of processed food.
  • You’ll enjoy new Ice Creams without eggs and without unnecessary extra fats: a technological breakthrough to prevent microbiological contamination
  • You’ll contribute to the environment by conserving energy. A commercial coffee machine typically uses 24/7 3.5KW to 7KW vs the MFMM, when operated to prepare micro-foamed milk, only uses 400W to 800W.
  • Ice-creams, cakes and more new products will open new markets for our MFMM invention.
  • The coffee bar owner will have reduced personnel overhead which may provide for greater profitability.
  • The MFMM prepares the micro-foamed milk automatically, freeing up time for other projects or services.
  • Our cakes of 227 calories per 100 grams without sugars will make you happy.

The Vision

A strategic partnership with leading businesses and organizations will increase our ability to market of our products. We at Tairob believe that our new micro-foam technology will fundamentally change market applications, since a clear gap exists between the MFMM technology and existing micro-foam milk makers. Our company’s technology will become the standard in Coffee Hospitality and products.

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