About Tairob
The Next Hospitality Coffee System – control your sugar consumption

Cappuccino and hot-cocoa made of cow, goat or plant- based milk.

Ice-Cream with reduced
fats and without eggs!!
Cakes consisting of 227 calories per 100 gram without cow’s milk and without sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Tairob Ltd. is a privately held Israeli company, recognized as an R&D company by the Israeli Chief Scientist. The company’s R&D fields are innovative robotic technology and computerized electromechanical machines. The R&D activity in the consumer field focuses on the automation of manual labor in the kitchen environment while controlling ingredients and sweeteners.

Tairob wishes to establish a new standard methodology for micro-foam milk making for the beverage, food and ice cream industries, coffee bars and domestic users,  which will allow for producing a sweet taste while reducing the consumption of sugar or other sweeteners (natural or artificial).

We have developed multiple applications for the MFMM in the coffee bar, beverage & and dessert industries and at home:

Hot Cocoa, sweet without sweeteners made with micro-foamed plant’s milk such as soy, almonds, oat and others.

Black Tea with micro-foamed soy milk; sweet without sweeteners

New applications were recently developed :
Mousse made with micro-foamed soy milk
Pudding made with micro-foamed soy milk
Desserts/creams made with micro-foamed plant-based milk

All desserts/creams, puddings or mousses made of with natural ingredients + micro-foamed plant’s milk. As such there is no added fat from cow whipping cream (38%).

The sweetness can be regulated in most commercial products containing chocolate bars, puddings or mousses by using the MFMM (with natural ingredients not containing sugar or other artificial sweeteners).

Ice-cream made with micro-foamed soy milk (without cow’s milk and\or whipped-milk which contains 38% fat).  The MFMM ice cream also contains a significantly reduced amount of sugar.

We’re working now for a solution to replace\reduce real eggs or egg’s powders in ice-cream. Recent developments have resulted in a creamy ice-cream without eggs. More will follow.

The MFMM can evaluate the freshness of milk by testing the micro-foam structure and its sweetness.

We continue to consider new patent applications as new products are developed based on the MFMM process.

Our belief is that the next commercial coffee machine will include the MFMM technology, replacing the traditional steaming-water, vaporizing system, associated with a huge boiler which consumes considerable electrical energy, and expensive counter space in the coffee bar.

The MFMM knows to identify if milk is fresh by testing the micro-foam structure and its sweetness.

We consider new patent applications according to the new developed products based on the MFMM

The next commercial coffee machine will include the MFMM replacing the traditional steaming-water vaporizing system associated with a huge boiler consuming a lot of electrical energy and expensive place in the coffee bar.

The R&D activity in the robotics field focuses on the development of a new technology that will replicate a human’s maneuver.