The cappuccino or latte at coffee bars.

The existing commercial coffee makers require a professional coffee machine operator.
Although they have a modern design and three-phase electric power, they are heavy, space consuming and unmovable. Furthermore they require permanent water connection. Overall they are complicated and need to be maintained frequently at high cost.

The milk whipping is steam operated and the performance depends on the operator’s skills; Industrial coffee catering is expensive and limited by infrastructures and therefore rare as it is not possible.

In home hospitality business: high quality and tasty coffee (espresso or
cappuccino) is being prepared usually, one or two cups at a time. Hence, guests may not offered a cup of cappuccino because it is time consuming and labor intensive process.

Micro-foam milk fans remain unsatisfied.
The Catering Industry prefers to serve brewed coffee, only few companies use ultra-automatic espresso and cappuccino machines to serve a limited number of guests at a very high cost. These machines are very expensive; they do not need a water connection or special electrical outlets but have limited capability to service hundreds of guests with cappuccino in a short amount of time.
A new micro-foam milk standard methodology
The combined, espresso and milk coffee system for coffee bars consists of computerized micro-foam milk maker and an existing industrial espresso maker , with a significantly reduced boiler, for the coffee bar commercial industry.

The Micro Foam Milk Maker for Industrial food and Ice Cream manufacturers consists of a computerized custom made machine including additional vision components  for massive production.

The home version of the Micro Foam Milk Maker , a small compact device for coffee fans or cakes, ice-cream homemakers, is designed for people who are interested controlling their sugar intake , who have diabetes and for individuals in a sport nutrition diet based on whey proteins or  for  people who are interested to prepare ice cream or creams\cakes made of natural ingredients with quantitative amounts of sweeteners at their home.


The micro-foam milk process uses pure milk only. Viscosity can vary from fluid to foam depending on user and drink at home or coffee bar. The process will reduce the existing coffee machine size especially at the coffee bar and its maintenance and cost along with raising the quality standard of cappuccino anywhere. Most importantly, it will reduce or prevent redundant sugar and introduce new catering cost-effective options for the coffee services. The new process will reduce the fats and eggs intake in ice creams and cakes or creams.

Sports nutrition, Weight management and Healthy aging foods
Concentrated proteins are primary ingredients in a number of sports nutrition, weight management and healthy aging foods. The “Milk Micro-Foam Maker” solved the poor dispersion of concentrated proteins into the milk that was creating a chalky or gritty mouth-feel providing a sweeter taste than “usual” while dispersing the powder perfectly within the milk

Milk Micro-Foam mixes with the espresso without any required steering.

It increases the dispensability of concentrated proteins in sports nutrition, weight management and healthy aging foods

It prepares plant milk and ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk for cappuccino.

It is capable of transforming powder milk into liquid milk.

The new appliance produces a high quality of micro-foam milk via a fully automated process, a “one finger touch” at lower energy consumption using pure milk only.

New applications of the MFMM create new products such as ice-cream, cakes, puddings and creams with\without sweeteners, with normal fats and eggs or without fats or eggs. Please track our publications since these products and new others are under development.