Espresso and Milk Capsules

Due to the lack of automation with home coffee machines coupled with the consumers’ desire for fast and simple coffee preparation, espresso machines that use individual capsules or pods (containing espresso and milk powder) are conquering the home coffee machine market worldwide.
Brilliant advertising and marketing enhance sales while at the same time blurring some features including the capsule’s content, and the type of prepared milk used for lattes or cappuccino. However, customers have no other choice at the moment.
Some questions about espresso and milk capsules:
Some manufacturers claim that there is no added sugar, but what about natural or artificial sweeteners?
How is it possible for espresso to smell like chocolate, caramel, mint or other delicious flavors? How can some espresso capsules taste sweet? What is the secret of espresso capsule’s very long span lives while ground beans have a limited life span? Grinding ground coffee is not accompanied with a strong smell. Why can we smell strong aroma of some espresso capsules once we remove its cover? Does anyone ask himself or herself how much extra sugar they add to their espresso\cappuccino, more than what’s added to coffee-bar drinks?

If you prefer a cappuccino or latte and use the special built-in pumps on the capsule machines to prepare the milk, it results in foamy, sub-standard coffee which cannot be compared to coffee prepared using a professional barista’s methods.
People want their coffee quickly, so quality and sweeteners often take a back seat. However, with the MFMM, these factors need not be sacrificed. The MFMM will dispel the mistaken notion that high automation always elicits poor results. Setting a new standard both in the coffee-bar industry and at home through consistent performance and precision automation, the MFMM will change the way in which automation will be associated with quality coffee.

Using the MFMM, requires adding less sugar, so the customer will finally be able to experience the coffee beans true taste enabling them to choose their preferred natural coffee beans. The present situation in which many coffee bars have just one coffee grinder will not work anymore since the customer, by choosing their preferred coffee beans (due to the MFMM), will encourage the coffee bar owner to feature a variety of coffee beans on his shelf, each one requiring a grinder. There will be a new attitude in the coffee bar and customers’ choices will be respectfully fulfilled.

The MFMM prepares the uniformly dense sweet micro-foam milk (naturally sourced cow or goat’s milk or soy milk) for both the coffee bar industry and for the home user (for either capsule machines or ground espresso machines). Due to its micro-foaming capability, the MFMM will reduce the amount of sweeteners used while supplying the new standard for any type of espresso machine. It will create new beverages, such as hot chocolate or new soy drinks, all with reduced sweeteners.