Look at the natural mixture of espresso with micro-foamed milk. Don’t stir, tea-spoon not required.
The labor cost of an available barista in a coffee bar is very high, actually the main “headache” of the owner. The results are unsatisfied customers, lower quality of the served cappuccino and significantly less profits for the coffee bar owner.  An automatic “barista” – the MFMM could provide a better cappuccino, better hot cocoa (without sweeteners) at a higher quality and a lot of $$ (due to reducing the manufacturing costs) remaining at the owner of the coffee bar.

Tairob Ltd. developed the MFMM,  an electro-mechanical computerized machine, that naturally sweetens and micro-foams cow or plant’s milk without adding any sweeteners.

Adding micro-foamed cow milk to espresso forms a sweet cappuccino; You don’t have to add sugar to your cappuccino anymore if you regularly add no more than 2 tea spoons.  It is sweetish, you feel that it has enough sweetness and you finally feel the taste & quality of the coffee beans. Every coffee bar decides today what the taste of your cappuccino is.  Just imagine, you’ll be the one who decides what your preferred taste of coffee is!

Please imagine a cappuccino prepared by the MFMM , sweet without sweeteners made of micro-foamed goat milk. It is probably the most delicious cappuccino.

The MFMM provides a natural healthy product. The level of sweetness is always set by the customer.

You may add sweetness as you like; the original natural ingredients are not affected.

The MFMM processes use cow or goat milk and many types of plant’s milk such as Soy, Coconut, Almond, Oat, and Cashew