New ice-cream made with micro-foamed plant milk, (without cow milk and\or whipped-milk of 38% fat also contain a significantly reduced amount of sugar.

The sweetness can be regulated by measurable amounts of sweeteners, based on the customer’s desired sweetness.

Eggs are used in ice-creams to develop the special structure and taste of delicious ice-cream. Egg and egg-based ingredients are often exposed to microbiological contamination. Additionally, changing consumer requirements and vegan demand options are also driving factors. Consequently, we are seeking novel alternatives to eggs for ice-creams.

We have created ice-cream made with micro-foamed soy milk, without cow’s milk and\or cow whipped-milk which contain 38% fat.  The MFMM ice cream contains a significantly reduced amount of sugar or other artificial sweeteners. A solution to replace real eggs in ice-cream is currently under development, and the first results are promising. It is possible to add measurable amounts of sweeteners like sugar or artificial sweeteners, without sacrificing flavor. Our technology offers a customized approach based on the customer’s desired sweetness. The customer is therefore able to make an informed decision and regulate the level of sugar in their ice cream products.