Micro-Foaming Process

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You may watch the reaction of people to the cappuccino, hot cocoa and chocolates
Tairob Ltd. developed the MFMM-Micro-Foamed-Milk-Maker (patent USPTO) an electro-mechanical computerized machine that naturally sweetens and micro-foams cow or plant’s milk without adding any sweeteners.



The MFMM processes  the proteins within the milk changing their molecular form during a whipping process that is accompanied by a pressure & heat sequence. Machine learning algorithms are involved to overcome the uncertainty in milk’s behavior.

The MFMM identifies if the milk is fresh by testing the micro-foam structure and its sweetness. The MFMM is actually an inspection instrument for the Diary Industry or National Health Departments.

The MFMM sweetens and micro-foams cow, goat or plant’s milk (soy, oat, almonds…).

The technology creates new beverages, chocolates, cakes, ice-cream and more, with significantly reduced quantities of sweeteners. The MFMM is for regular consumers or for people with specific diet requirements (diabetics, no gluten, vegan, ..).

The new technology is preferred by anyone who is eager to reduce the sweeteners intake while improving the taste & joy.

The new technology is preferred by anyone who likes sweetness but cares about the natural ingredients. You may always add sweeteners into your coffee or hot cocoa.

Tairob is a robotic and automation company.

The sweetening effect by the MFMM, according to food  engineers , is caused probably by a process of transforming large into small air bubbles that cause a change in the fats\proteins resulting in an improved  accessibility of lactose to the test buds  within our tongue, sensing the sweetness.

For example, reduced lactose milk, the milk goes through an enzymatic process where lactose (a disaccharide composed of galactose + glucose) is hydrolyzed to its mono-saccharides. The mono-saccharides do not disappear from the milk, they are there. However, the process performed by the MFMM probably increases the accessibility of these mono-saccharides (galactose and glucose) to our test buds, sensing the sweetness.

Another explanation by microbiology scientists claims – that the hydrolyzed reduced lactose milk process creates new sugar chains that enhance the regular sweetness of the milk.

At the end of the MFMM’s process the micro-foamed reduced lactose milk is significantly sweeter than the original milk.

Doctors say that the micro-foaming process causes our test buds to feel the sweetness.

They suspect that It may be an “illusion” since approx…20 minutes later the micro-foamed milk returns to its initial state (prior to the process).